Shore Excursions

Our local team of shore excursion experts curate and deliver a wide array of unforgettable experiences tailored to each cruise brand, catering to diverse guest demographics.

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A Varied Collection

Our excursions cater to a broad spectrum of guests, offering everything from classic city tours and family-friendly adventures to luxurious experiences and thrilling outdoor activities.

Active and Adventure

Engage in land, air, and water activities.

History and Culture

Immerse yourself in a destination's rich heritage and contemporary culture.

Interests and Learning

Acquire new skills or indulge in your hobbies.

Leisure and Well-Being

Relax, have fun, or pamper yourself.

Local Immersion

Connect with the local community and support regional initiatives.

Why choose us?

Product innovation is at the forefront of our focus.

Our dedicated product specialists stay attuned to the latest trends to curate outstanding experiences.

Original Concepts

We create tours using modern technology and collaborate with the local community, including renowned experts and celebrities, to create unique and exclusive experiences.

Dedicated Resources

Our in-house shore excursion experts work full-time on new product development, researching original ideas and concepts that align with the specific needs of our cruise line clients and their marketing campaigns.

Shore Excursions

Forging Bonds, Crafting Excellence

Elevating cruise experiences through strong local partnerships and expertly trained teams.




Port Said



Marassi Marina

Soma Bay Marina

Taba Heights Marina

Monte Galala Marina

Sharm El Sheikh Marina

Hurghada Marina

Abu Tig Marina

Port Ghalib Marina